Parenting on Purpose

I try to read at least a book a week on the topic of Christian living, leadership, ministry development, marriage or parenting.

This past week, as I’ve been reading through Andy Stanley’s Visioneering, two things stuck out to me in regards to parenting. In the introduction to the book, he discusses the reason for having a vision for your life. He explains that:

Everyone ends up somewhere in life. A few people end up somewhere on purpose.
-Andy Stanley

We are all heading somewhere. More importantly, as parents, we are leading our children somewhere. But where are we leading them? Are we intentionally leading our children and families? Or are we simply content to let life take us where it will?

We cannot expect that our family will end up at a preferred future if we’re not expecting and encouraging that on an every day basis. We have to look for opportunities to build into our children and loved ones what we want of them. As Andy put it:

“If you are a parent, you probably have a vision for your children. Instead of simply praying that they would become men and women of character, pray for opportunities to build character into their lives. Your vision involves you. You have a role. You have a part to play.”

We cannot simply hope that our children will develop into people of character. Rather, we have to pray for and take advantage of the opportunities that God presents us with.

I hope this encourages you in your parenting. I’m praying for your family the same prayer I’m praying for my own:

“God, would you grant me an opportunity today to develop in my children character and Christ-likeness. Make me aware of the opportunities you give me, and help me to make the most of them.”

Who our kids grow up to be isn’t based on your influence and efforts alone, but you do have the biggest role in their lives. Make the most of it by parenting on purpose.

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