Living With Open Hands

What keeps us from moving forward in life? We’ve all got baggage, traumatic memories that keep us anchored to a past of hurt and shame. But as we’re reminded:

When we’re still holding on to how things were, our arms aren’t free to embrace today.
Rob Bell

He couldn’t have said it better. Every one of us has good reason to lament the past, but I would rather spend my time embracing, and even celebrating, what the future holds.

God truly wants the best for each of us, but when we’re holding on to how things were, we aren’t free to embrace where God wants to take us.

While we all think we’re acting in our best interest, God alone knows it. And he is the only one who can lead us there.When I hold too tight to the reins of my own life, it’s all too easy to lose bearings on where I’m heading.

God is more than power enough to do anything in our life, but he allows us to exercise, often in futility, free will to discern our own paths.

If you feel that God has laid something on your heart, then you should have the courage to believe that God can and will lead you through it.

If God calls you to it,

He will lead you through it.

I love the feeling of how truly big God is. And I think about the old song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands”. That is how big our God is and he is holding the world and our lives in his hands. When we have our hands open, letting go of control, and his hands are leading us, that is when we are truly in the best possible place.

May you take heart in the fact that God has it all under control. He will lead you to the place where you are meant to be, you just have to be open to his movement.

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