My Love-Hate Relationship with Chipotle

Expected Reading Time: 2 minutes

I love Chipotle! Their food is fresh, whole and tasty. I’m tempted daily to eat there with one reservation: it doesn’t really sit too well with my stomach. By stomach, of course, I mean my digestive process. It goes down great, but comes out with a vengeance. You can see where this is going. I learned this about myself several years ago, yet I still struggle to abandon the joint! Each time I eat there, I do so with full knowledge of tomorrow’s consequences.

Unfortunately, many of us look at life this way. We know what we’re about to do isn’t good for us. Yet, we carry on with our plans in spite of knowing the consequences. But each time, in the heat of the moment, we throw caution to the wind. My question to you is when will enough be enough? How long are you going to reap the consequences of your lack of self control? Are you content to suffer tomorrow for today’s bad decision? Are you ready for a change?

Ask God for help, he wants to give you opportunities to practice self-control.

We all have something that tempts us. I encourage you to reconsider your choices the next time you are presented with your version of Chipotle. Don’t settle. Ask God for help, he has something better for you. He wants to give you opportunities to practice self control. If not, take it from someone who knows: the consequences could be explosive.

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