Boiling Frog

If you threw a frog into boiling water it would immediately jump out, recognizing the danger of the heat. If, however, a frog sitting in room temperature water being slowly heated to boiling point the frog would stay put until its death, never realizing its harmful surroundings. I fear we are much the same.

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Treating Others With Dignity

Do all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect? Maybe not, but I would hope so. If we’re being honest, I think it’s easier to treat people based on their merits. If they are nice to you, it’s not hard to reciprocate. But if you’re not being treated well, it’s almost effortless to […]

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Does God Need My Help?

As a pastor it can be easy to get in the mindset that God needs me – that my efforts directly move forward his agenda. That in some way God couldn’t do this without my involvement. But there is an opposite (and just as dangerous) approach: many Christians believe that somehow they’re too weak, too […]

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Parenting on Purpose

I try to read at least a book a week on the topic of Christian living, leadership, ministry development, marriage or parenting. This past week, as I’ve been reading through Andy Stanley’s Visioneering, two things stuck out to me in regards to parenting. In the introduction to the book, he discusses the reason for having […]

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